Michael Short: Stop turning the handle of the sausage machine. Working with social animals!

Michael Short, Founder of Culture Works Consulting, uses Executive Coaching with his business experience to support others achieve leadership and cultural change, he is also an extremely experienced Agile Coach and certified GCIndex practitioner. And he knows that the productivity in most companies is simply not good enough! But, instead of looking for silver bullets

Mark Kilby: Are you Colocated? Distributed? A dispersed Nebula?

Mark Kilby helps us understand the difference and how to work together (apart). Mark started as a software engineer and gracefully immersed himself into the world of agile/ light methods that seemed so crazy they might actually work! He has acquired a deep understanding of both agile and distributed working over the decades, working with

Jose Casal: Ready, Willing and Able.

“Knowledge with out practice is useless, practice without knowledge is dangerous.” Confucius Ever curious, Jose is both student and master of agile and lean and a huge contributor to the lean agile communities. He makes work and change seem wonderfully accessible to everyone from board to team level. He explores the power and versatility of

Yuri Malishenko: The Art of Visual Thinking

Yuri Malishenko is a highly experienced agile practitioner with a passion for using and teaching visual thinking in the workplace and beyond. Yuri is host of the wonderfully diverse, Visual Thinking podcast, and shares his thoughts on the the power of visualisation, including: Helping teams to collaborate and talk the same language Super charge your

Jon Spruce: Powerful Business Agility – A Masterclass from a Change Veteran

From the silos of fast paced media companies to the huge complexity of large finance and other regulated institutions, change veteran Jon Spruce gives an emphatic and deeply engaging description of what good looks like when creating high performing teams and organisations. Jon really knows how cross functional teams can be created easily and quickly

Judy Rees: How to achieve Transforming Conversations (Remotely)

2020 was the year that challenged managers and leaders to rethink and relearn how to communicate. And at the heart of that are questions. And it turns out we don’t ask enough …in the right way. Judy Rees began her journey understanding the the power of questions as a Reporter and over many years has

Paul Jackson: Ethical Product Management – fit for purpose.

Paul Jackson has been at the heart of digital for over 20 years and a startup veteran. In that time, barriers to entry have fallen allowing start ups the opportunity grow and succeed at a speed 20 times faster in a market that is 100 times more competitive . The old idea of, ‘build a

Allan Kelly: Modern Agile practice: knowing the patterns but breaking the mould.

What makes a good Shepherd of Software Design pattern? How does a shepherd react to a Singleton? Why developers need to get to Pattern Conferences (not for the faint hearted but for the keen learner) Alan gives us a quick tour of the links between Pattern and Agile communities which is often overlooked. Author, contributor,

Johanna Rothman: Management is Easy – Myth busting for thoroughly modern managers

Actually, management is not easy and managers are real people trying to do a good job. Fortunately, Johanna Rothman, self confessed Queen of the Career Limiting Conversations, has poured a great deal of direct, practical experience in managing yourself , others and the innovative organisation with three new books: Practical Ways to Manage Yourself Practical

Paul Stafford: Hot Servers – Modern Infrastructure and Operations Management

Infrastructure and operations, is the engine room of digital and technology services. Taken for granted when invisible but can cause unbelievable anguish and expense when it goes wrong. Paul Safford is an Operations veteran , managing complex, global infrastructures for over 20 years. We take a walk through the fundamental changes in the ops environment