• Agile Coach/Facilitator
• Retro specialist
• Many years of hand on Scrum Mastering
• SM leader and mentor
• Agile conference speaker and blogger
• An experienced Agile mentor, coach and leader who is recognised for his deep understanding of Agile and Scrum, and his passion for developing highly effective Agile teams.
• Over 10 years of hands-on “at the coalface” agile across many varied industries

Qualifications and certifications
• M.Sc, University of South Bank
• ILM level 3

Key Agile Engagements
• Involvement in the definition and implementation of the BBC’s pilot agile initiative “Clockwise”. Trialling of this on the BBC Online Archive project. Initiation of TDD trials across a number of teams.

• Developer and Scrum Master roles at Sky; development of the Find and Watch portal, using “full-on” XP development techniques – pairing, TDD, etc. – and devops practices (before they were called that…) – CI/CD, full test automation, team in charge of infrastructure. Scrum Mastering the Sky Go consoles team putting Sky TV on games consoles. Development of Sky-wide agile training courses and the agile Community of Practice (COP). Trialling and customising of the Spotify Squads and Guilds model across a set of agile development teams.

• Senior Scrum Master across 2 partially remote (India) teams at M&S, developing stock control APIs and e-commerce phone apps. Close work with the PMO to reduce unnecessary process and ensure relevant and useful progress reporting. Key influencer with heads of departments to instil the agile mindset.

• Senior Scrum Master at giffgaff working across 4 teams, and close working with Jeff Gothelf defining Lean UX practices with directors and Product Owners.

• Agile coach and head of Scrum Masters at Development and presentation of Agile training courses, and definition and instigation of team assessment schedules and health checks.

Other Agile Activities
• Speaker at Agile Cambridge for last 4 years on automated testing, process efficiency and LEAN UX
• Speaker at CIPD 2018 on agility, “giffgaff style”
• An article on self-organisation and empowerment published in the “Best Articles of 2018” book
• Speaker at recent Agile Roundabout and Agile in Covent Garden meetups

Contact Details:

[email protected]