Harnessing Change

We are a technology and change management consultancy who help Small and Medium sized companies conquer their Growing Pains.

Too much or too little change? Too much or too little reliance on technology? Problem projects? Spiralling costs?

Our 'as a Service' model provides you with additional management and hands-on resources to solve your problems.

We enable you to be more focussed, competitive and effective, to utilise the best that technology and agile thinking has to offer, and to drive your business forward.

We keep your people front and centre and empower you to move forward without us.

Recent Work:

Digital Transformation

Major savings in costs and improved efficiency have been gained and continue to be delivered.  The footprint rationalisation strand has provided savings in power, data centre cooling, hardware support, software licensing and ongoing maintenance and support requirements due to a simplified infrastructure. The process itself also developed new paths of communication which will be crucial in the future as data and technology plays an ever-increasing role in the lives of the staff.

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Improving Containerised Solutions

We created and managed multiple instances of Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) to match the environment requirements.  We used modular Terraform to spin up whole environments with a single command.  Deployment was handled by leveraging Gitlab's built in CI/CD platform to create deployment pipelines that ensured deployed code and containers were tested for code sanity and function before going live.  This setup allowed developers to iterate quickly and be sure that code being deployed was fit for purpose.

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Bank of the Future

The client had spent a significant amount of time mapping their ecosystem which gave us a good starting point. We used a range of tools to establish if all of the systems were in active use and subsequently identified some redundancies. We also reviewed all of their licensing and hardware contracts many of which had not been revisited for five years. Alternate banking solutions were identified which provided a proven migration path from the current systems and would enable a faster pace of change using a DevOps approach. Most of the systems were migrated to AWS (native for the main banking solution) and we implemented O365 for all users. The agreed strategy had a stated direction of travel of Cloud First Devils solutions. Much of the cost of the new solution was covered by not replacing old servers, ceasing to rent space in the data centre and contract review savings.

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The Future of Insurance

Our clients, a significant player in the insurance space,  had enjoyed significant growth since their launch four years ago.   Their modern technology solutions used a blend of third party suppliers and had set up the company for a strong future.  Focusing on delivering a Standardised service we  delivered an improved Release process saving duplication of effort and time across the team and resulting in a solution where the majority of the work was automated. 

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