• Technology leadership
• Change implementation
• Value-based decisions
• Process improvement
• Strategic analysis
• Multi-disciplinary skills

Nik helps organisations get the best out of their technology teams, using years of leadership experience, particularly in the Agile space, and tons of delivery know-how.
Nik has spent much time in the UK public sector, but also consults for and mentors startups and SMEs.

Qualifications and certifications
• BSc (Mathematics) and PhD (Artificial Intelligence), University of Leeds.

Key Engagements
• At the Office for National Statistics, coached senior level executives, product owners, delivery managers, and others in appropriate use of Agile approaches in two their largest programmes. Helped projects and programmes clarify value through use of impact mapping. Delivery Manager for product team at Discovery stage. Worked with Head of Risk to create an Agile risk management policy.

• Stepped in at Perfect Channel after the departure of the previous CTO and Head of Development. Took over the core development team delivering a client project with a major technology change from monolith to AWS and microservices. Drove continuous deployment, led hiring, tackled morale issues and undertook performance management. This resulted in successful project delivery and a strategic reshaping of the team.

• Coached an Ofsted team, new to Agile, through discovery and alpha phases for the redevelopment of a core product. Introduced unambiguous service success metrics and drove user research techniques. This ensured optimal product choices were made objectively, with support at the top level of the organisation.

• Undertook a process review for a 200-strong digital commerce company, whose Executive was concerned about the slow pace of delivery. Made the explicit link between top-level actions and messaging, and the activity of teams on the ground. Made recommendations—which were implemented—around strategy communication, devops, product management and scheduling.

• As interim CTO at Time Out, was responsible for entire software, QA and architecture functions. Defined and introduced effective delivery process, coached the team in delivery and effective working, and mentored team leads. Releases went from once a fortnight to twice daily, with improved quality. Empowered team leads. Improved trust across and within functions. Restored appropriate power to product managers, project managers, and sysadmins. Restored confidence to executive.

• Introduced a mechanism of responsive programme governance as Programme Director at BMJ. Worked with Executive to demonstrate more dynamic ways of tracking projects. Coached incoming programme manager. Trained Scrum product owners and wider stakeholders.

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