• Developer, Coach, Trainer, Consultant
  • Agile Transformations, Leadership and Cultural change
  • Background in software development, JVM based
  • Expertise in process flow & continuous delivery



Qualifications and certifications:

  • Barefoot Coach
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Scrum Alliance REP registered trainer
  • BSc (hons), Electronics with subsid. Maths, Reading University


Key Engagements

  • Team lead and coach with a team developing a sensitive project for the UK government. The team succeeded in massively outperforming previous failed attempts to deliver the project by larger teams and organisations, both in terms of cost and working software.


  • Coached a small but immensely successful and fast-growing startup, taking a technical hands-on approach with a back-end team to introduce basic engineering discipline and demonstrate how to put in place a delivery pipeline. Reduced the time to release from over 12 weeks to 2-3 weeks, while drastically improving quality with automated testing and an iterative system redesign strategy. Put in place a learning culture that should ensure continuing improvement.


  • Coached several teams in a large UK broadcasting company in codecraft and delivery pipelines. Succeeded in improving project delivery times and quality across the board, including in one particular case rescuing a multi-million pound project from being terminated, and turning it into a success.


  • Worked in collaboration with a large consultancy and a Swedish bank to stabilise a team that was having difficulty in delivering functionality. Identified key improvements to be implemented, many related to lack of product delivery pipelines, and poor communication between senior management and development teams.



“It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” Grace Hopper


Contact Details:

[email protected]