• Agile Inception
• Agile Transformation
• BDD expert
• Automated Testing
• Builds consensus
• A highly experienced Agile Business Analyst, with a real affinity for building shared understanding
• Instrumental in making Agile teams productive, a calm and enthusiastic influence with proven ability to deliver in complex and pressured environments

Qualifications and certifications
• BSc Hons Computing in Business Brunel University

Key Engagements
• Implemented Agile Test Strategy in Mobile Banking Application team at Santander UK, providing measurable defect reduction

• Coached introduction of BDD techniques across business analyst community at Travis Perkins. Improved quality and restarted automated test approach. Re-implemented automated test coverage on Wickes website, reducing release test cycle from two weeks to three days

• Multi-channel eCommerce retail agile transformation from ground zero at Dunelm Mill, UK number one homewares retailer. Introduced in-house Agile development as a first for the company

• Led business analysis of the Customer Management Renewal programme at Which? (Consumer Association). A highly successful replacement of the 1980’s vintage core system. Transformed their sales capability, enabling campaign based selling and support in the customer management centre. Scope covered all mission critical activities, through financial control to logistics of product delivery

• Lead Analyst/Product Owner at Aldi UK eCommerce team. Led change to online wine proposition increasing sales volumes. Use of specification by example in user stories improved quality in sprint delivery, leading to minimal defects in implementation stage

• Portfolio management at Orange/Everything Everywhere, managing £6 million budget and delivering £30million EBIDTA benefit as part of New Product Development team. Lead Analyst on Orange Online Shop project, which won CNET Telecoms Technology Project of the year 2006

The person who never made a mistake never made anything

Contact Details:

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