Have you fallen out of love with your Agile life?

Bamboozled by the lingo? Stale stand ups and absent stakeholders?

Do you feel you are doing Agile, not being Agile?

Old ways creeping back? Was waterfall really that wrong?

How do you measure your success to everyone’s satisfaction?

Really, what is Agile anyway? With 43 different versions, and counting, are you on the right path?

Our consultants have all been on the Agile journey for many years.  They have worked with clients in a wide range of circumstances who, like you, have lost their delivery mojo.  Invite us to run your next Retrospective or shadow your Scrum Master.  In no time we’ll have you back on track and realising all the benefits you were hoping for when you started on the journey.

We can provide a training or coaching programme for you and your team which will produce measurable benefits.  Using a range of interviews, tools, games and conversations we will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and reveal your hidden talents.

These fun and interactive activities will build outcomes such as team charters, roles and responsibility matrices, job descriptions and outcome based objectives.

And how about a training sessions for your Executive Team so they can understand how you work, what you will achieve, and how they can best support you?