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How does Brazilian jujitsu help understand Agile and Pair Programming?
Are mainframes for real programmers?
Is Pairing a Health and Safety issue?
Are points proper estimates?

Super experienced, Stephen Cresswell, is Deputy VP of Engineering TES Global and has been at the cutting edge of modern software development for years. He reflects on his slightly painful metamorphosis from traditional integrator to the XP practices he has mastered over the last decade and more. Stephen describes the power of TDD but also how one’s ego needs to be managed when confronting something new, alien and seemingly wrong.

His crash course in learning agile development in a creche of “rebels” on one of Network Rail’s most successful projects is rooted in quality and delivery. From there he has trained companies such as Apple, coached Banks, managed teams and Co-Founded one of the UK’s leading Software Consultancies.

Stephen explains the practical judgements needed to balance and defend quality with real world challenges and time constraints. His insights into TDD, Refactoring and Pairing are simple but powerful.

Always learning, Stephen then was seduced to take a role with Fred George and discover the world of Programmer Anarchy which threw everything back into the melting pot. Find out what made a daily commute of 2.5 hours each way worth that experience. Hint: real conversations make real value.

Finally, Stephen gives us a tour of the art of estimating in the real world.

Stephen’s a real professional and gives us a genuine inside look at the world of the developer, full of warmth, honesty and learning.