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Actually, management is not easy and managers are real people trying to do a good job.
Fortunately, Johanna Rothman, self confessed Queen of the Career Limiting Conversations, has poured a great deal of direct, practical experience in managing yourself , others and the innovative organisation with three new books:

Practical Ways to Manage Yourself
Practical Ways to Lead & Serve (Manage) Others
Practical Ways to Lead an Innovative Organisation

Johanna outlines the common principles shared in the books and we discuss some guilty behaviours such as”inflicting help”, whether technical managers can be the manager but also keep their hand in the tech and why we need to “decriminalise” making mistakes.

Johanna really helps us to reframe our understanding of management today and to create an innovative organisation that can flourish in today’s world. She disects the meaning of servant leader, the costs you really need to think about in making decisions, and the fundamental importance of purpose, value-based integrity and experimentation.

Johanna brings solutions to HELP you with the problems we face in modern management. Although she is direct, there is great warmth and wisdom which make this new series irresistible. Johanna Rothman is great: I’m a fan and hope you will be too. Its time to find the sweet spot