A brief into to Jack Welch:

Go on everyone do some long as you will align everything and change yourself. More often than not, companies struggle rolling out company wide change and transformations. Including Agile transformations.

Catherine Botting Change, innovation and leadership specialist & Lecturer at University of York is fascinated by leadership and what makes for successful change. Her journey started with GE, under the leadership of the legendary and notorious Jack Welch purveyor of the “Boundaryless Organisation”. This proved to be the masterclass in understanding how change comes about and the influence of leaders is crucial in making that happen right.

Catherine gives us fabulous insight into what is needed so that everybody has the capability, the support and the understanding to play their part. She shares her thoughts on shareholders and short-termism and whether people and customers are the better focus for leaders. How to facilitate, manage and communicate change- and keep humanness in your organisation. And do hierarchies really work?

We discuss the management obsession with creating structures and process for change without engaging, thinking and being part of the change themselves. Change needs alignment, comprehensive action and that is all encompassing…tinkering at the edges is pointless

Catherine is incredibly passionate about her specialist subject particularly helping young students and graduates become leaders and change managers. Her insights into change what works and what doesn’t is forthright and evidenced based on being a practitioner and an Academic. Ignore at your company’s peril!

Catherine’s Current study: Catherine’s doctoral research is exploring the change management capabilities of Agile practitioners and consultants in the software development industry. Her aim is to provide new knowledge that will drive forward both effective practice and academic thinking in the implementation of Agile across organisations.

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