Andy Bold: What DevOps is (and isn’t)

Today we speak to Andy Bold about what DevOps is (and isn’t), security, a salute to ops teams, and how introverts can take over the world! And a call to arms for businesses to fundamentally change their systems and process.

Shelby Wilson: Keeping Change energy with Data and Sponsorship

Today’s conversation is with the fabulous Shelby Wilson. As we talk about her journey from Product Owner to Scrum Master we cover Certification, Coaching, Governance and keeping Change energy with Data and Sponsorship. Oh, still found time for remote facilitation, playing with Lego and name-dropping mentors!

Tom Ayerst: Dealing with Legacy Architecture – Be strategically aligned and evolve it!

Agility isn’t always about being lovely and the Architecture start with isn’t necessarily the one you end with. The organisation will get its needs met somehow so IT needs to learn to be good at delivery. Development, Architecture and Programme Manager and expert talks to us about alignment with product and strategy, delivering features whilst

Dean Bryan: Being a successful agent of change

From BP to BNP Dean has built a career in Business transformation and shares his insights and experience on what works to be a successful agent of change. Dean explains how to win hearts and minds of people from the C Suite and across the business, Silo busting, managing change resistance and reducing the amount

Lina Kehlenbeck: A tour of retail and Europe

From fashion & design to baked beans & technology, Lina shares her observations about digital change, the constraints of legacy technology and managing wafer thin margins. She describes the critical importance of C Suite sponsorship to ignite digital change and the fierce competition for talent in the market (and you will need more than just

Achilles Chatzianastassiou: You need a Playbook! Consistency.

From being a software developer, scrum master, MBA who’s curiosity led him to agile coaching in some of the largest, complicated organisations around. Achilles talks about the importance of sponsorship to allow experimentation but also consistency and the use of a blueprint to underpin transformation. We talk about how to achieve buy in and manage

Paul Moffat: It’s about people, winning hearts and minds.

You could be a dentist, you could be an accountant, or get coding and and up as an experienced transformation manager. HMRC, Borders, Home Office … Paul explains the attraction to Govt IT and his passion for agility and making a difference. We reminisce about the early GDS days and the part it has played

Darren Benson: We’re in safe hands.

Director of Engineering, The world’s cultural, economic, social and political memory is at risk. Preservica’s mission is to protect it. Darren takes us on a fascinating tour of how to preserve (rather than just “copy”) digital memories and why, perhaps more than ever, this is so important for generations today and far in the

Ben Newman & Vicky Hilton: To BA or Not to BA….

Our expert Business Analysts, Vicky Hilton and Ben Newman discuss the role of the BA in Agile Teams. The Agile Business Analyst is much discussed but not always well defined in agile projects, where some say the role is not needed at all. Ben and Vicki beg to differ and unpack the valuable, critical skills,

Avijit Dasgupta: Africa’s exciting future.

Product Owner & Technology Head – Digital Identity & Payment @CompuLynx Ltd. CTO, Product Manager, Developer, Team Builder, Coach and world traveller, Avijit charts his journey from India, Germany and now to Kenya. Avijit has a very strong grasp of the right mindset for product development (especially start ups and mobile solutions, digital banking and payment