Have you moved to the Cloud and moved your problems to the Cloud too?

Do you understand the Cloud cost model?

Are you making the most of your Cloud investment?

Do you know what is included in the costs you pay, and what is not?

Do you have a suspicion you have picked the wrong solution?

Are you a Cloud Native, and do you know what that really means?

Will paying a third party to manage your Cloud provision improve things?

Moving your technology to the Cloud is a big decision for any company and providers sometimes make promises which can be difficult to realise.

In addition, invoices can be difficult to understand, it is sometimes difficult to understand the link between behaviours and costs and knowing exactly what you have paid for. 

Our consultants have been on transformation journeys just like yours.  They have agonised over decades of investment, navigated skills gaps, and fought with slick sales people.

We pride ourselves on being vendor and technology agnostic.  You can be sure that the solutions we propose are the solutions that are best for you.